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Due to most of my commissions being large pieces, I’ve decided to take on one commission at a time. After I invoice a commission and it is paid in full, I start working on it as soon as possible. However, if you wish to secure being the next in line, your commission must also be paid in full. This will be on a per-artwork basis.

I am happy to do quotes, and for more complex commission ideas I may do a layout sketch. However, sometimes I may adjust a quote upon finalisation. I will also try to keep you up to date with my progress, as some commissions take longer than others, and I will keep you informed of any outside circumstances that might affect this progress.


I will first make a rough sketch of the pose (if needed), then draw and show you the sketch, and ask if you have any further preferences or if you'd like any changes.

The first time I show you the pencil sketch, you can ask me for changes and alterations for free. After that, changes will cost (costs outlined below.)

Things I Won't Draw & NSFW

I will usually refuse to depict any extreme violence, or extreme sexual fetishes and/or activities.

If you're unsure about your idea, feel free to ask me, and I can tell you whether I'll draw it or not. It's always okay to ask!

I charge an additional fee for NSFW (Not Safe For Work, i.e. sexually explicit material) for several reasons: because intimate poses and anatomy can take significantly longer to draw; because I often find it challenging for my own personal comfort level; and because I prefer to keep my gallery at a rating of around R16 (I am not opposed to sexual depiction and content, but would rather not generate material that I cannot professionally display.)

I am not a fan of pornography, so if you wish to commission sexual art from me, I will only draw within my comfort levels; please do keep that in mind if you wish to make a commission NSFW.

Sizes of Digital Artwork


The final commission image size may vary, but it will be to a maximum of 2000 pixels high. I’ll also give you an upload-sized image about 1000 pixels high.

For icons, I’ll give you one large file at 1000 x 1000 (still frame) , and two shrunk down to 500 x 500 , 100 x 100, for other sites’ use.

If you want your image at a specific size, please feel free to ask me.

Private Commissions

I’m happy to do make a commission private, as long as you request it in advance. Unless requested otherwise, I post all finished commissions to my online galleries.


I will try to broadcast most commissions on Picarto.tv, or similar services, for roughly two hours at a time. I will do my best to stream at a time convenient for the commissioner; if they cannot attend, I may stream anyway, or continue offline.

Payment methods

Paypal is currently the only form of payment I accept online from overseas clients. All prices are in NZD (New Zealand Dollar). If you are a New Zealander, you may pay by bank transfer.

I send invoices for all commissions. Please do not just send me money - it is much easier for me to keep track of commissions as invoices. If you donate to me, do leave a message saying it is a donation, and your online handle/name so I know who to send a thank-you email to via the paypal email.

Please do not link anything in the Paypal comment box, but do feel free to leave your name/username and a thank-you if you wish.

I have an 100% up-front payment policy. You will only be allocated a slot once you have paid in full.

If your commission is in the $150+ range, I may agree to let you pay two-thirds of the price up-front and pay the other third once the commission is finished. However, for the order in which I work on individual commissions, priority will go to people who have paid in full.

Additional fees and discounts

Changes - I will charge for any major changes after you have approved my draft, if the change is significant enough to affect the progress I’ve already made on your picture. The fee depends on the severity of the change, and starts at $10. If I consider the change to be minor, I will not charge.


Complex designs - If the commission has complicated design specifications - such as excessively detailed markings, multiple wings/limbs, complex poses, large props and/or an elaborate overall design - I will most probably charge more for it, as these designs usually take much longer to draw. It is usually $10 per specification, but I may charge more depending on the complexity.

No ref - I will also charge more for commissions without visual character reference, because, in those cases, I am essentially designing a character for you. Again, how much I charge depends on the complexity of the design, and starts at $20. If you're trying to explain what you'd like, having references of other characters, props/costumes and backgrounds does assist me, but does not count as character reference.

Design-from-brief cost - I may charge for my time communicating with the commissioner, reading through a brief of the commission, drawing a layout sketch, calculating a quote, and adjusting for PayPal fees. How much I charge depends on the complexity of the brief, and the amount of communication needed to finalize the commission.

Pornography - I no longer do work with excessively sexually explicit material. Please feel free to ask me if what you want falls under this category. Otherwise, 

NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or adult-rated material costs $25 extra. (See above in Thing I Won't Draw & NSFW)

Artistic Nudity - (Females: nipples shown and only outer area of genitalia; Males: non-erect penises) and/or hidden genitalia or no genitalia at all, and in a non-sexual context - don’t count here, and are not charged extra.

Waist-Up/Busts - There will be a discount off the commission if it only shows some of the character’s body. For example: a waist-up picture would be a 20% discount, and a bust (head and shoulders) would be a 40% discount. (Click Here for Size Examples)

Extra Characters - The cost of an extra character is almost the same as the first character but with $5 off. For example, if I quote for a single character for $20, the second character would cost $15, so in total for the two characters it is $35.

I also offer a special discount; If an additional character is one of my own characters, their discount will be $10 instead of $5. (However, I may not agree to having my character in the commission, please respect my decision to do so.)

Refund Policy


I will put in my best effort and time in making your commission. If you are unsatisfied with the finished artwork, I will try to correct the artwork to meet your requirements. However, I don't offer refunds for completed commissions.


Additionally, while delays are often unavoidable, I will only offer a refund for this if it has taken longer than a month for me to start work on your commission. Or if, due to unforeseen circumstances, I have started but am unable to finish your commission, I will offer a partial refund for any aspects of the commission not yet completed.

Rights and disclaimers


I reserve the right to turn down any commission (or commissioner) for any reason.

As the artist, I retain the rights to the artworks I create. Only the commissioner and myself may post or repost the artwork. (Unless it is shared on a social media website, or other sharing websites, but the repost must have proper crediting to me, the artist, and to the commissioner.) The commissioner/art trader/gift art receiver retains copyright to their characters.

I no longer make prints of commission/art trade/gift art artworks. If you would like a print of your artwork, feel free to contact me and I can quote you the cost plus shipping & handling. If you would like the original of a traditional artwork, please inform me and I can post it to you plus shipping & handling cost. 

I reserve the right to change or update the information contained in my Prices or this Terms of Service, at any time, without notice.

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