Digital Commissions

The prices shown here are just the base price in New Zealand Dollars, and I may quote a different cost on a number of factors. For more information, please read my TOS

Sketch - $30

Ink - $45

Flats Coloured - $60

Cel-shaded - $75

Soft-shaded - $100


No Background or Abstract Background - If you leave the background up to me, there’s no charge, and I’ll do something simple yet suitable. Click through to see examples.


Basic Background - A background with a bit more detail, showing the setting or surroundings of the picture. The cost depends on the commission type. I will quote the price after assessing the details you give for the background. Click through to see examples.

Detailed Background - A detailed background with perspective and lighting. Again, I will quote the price after details are provided.


Shot Size

Headshot - 60% off

Bust (Head & Shoulders) - 40% off

Waist/Thigh Up - 20% Off

There will be a reduction of the cost of the Digital Commission if it only shows some of the character’s body. The percentage shown is discounted from the final quote. Click through to see the different kinds of shot sizes.

Icon Commissions

Flat Coloured - $20

 Cel Shaded - $30

Soft Shaded - $45


These are cropped head shots of your character making any kind of expression. 


Reference Sheets

Basic Reference Sheet (flat colours) -  $75

Standard Reference Sheet (flat colours)- $135

Standard Reference Sheet (shaded)- $175

Character Reference Sheet (flat colours)- $per quote


The basic ref sheet contains a full body 3/4 front, character information, colour swatches and ref sheet layout. 

The standard ref sheet contains a full body 3/4 front, a full body 3/4 back, character information, colour swatches and ref sheet layout. 


Additional parts such as head-shots, mid-shots and other details may be included but at extra charge.

This comes with the idea that it's a ref sheet of an already existing character. A brand new character (custom) will have an extra charge as I will be designing them. The more complex the character, the higher the charge.

The character reference sheet contains mainly a new outfit design, or some other design apart from the character. I quote the cost of these on a case by case a basis. Click through to have a look!

Inquiries & Quotes

If you would like to find out how much the commission you have in mind will cost, please feel free to contact me


Please include the name you use on Paypal and in real life, and only detail relevant information to your commission.


Anything that is filled with too much back story and no design aspects is very likely to be ignored.

Please understand the quote may be more than what is shown on the website for various reasons, but I'm happy to try and work with you on a budget. 

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